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Mahatma Shanti

Born: 1959 AD
Currently alive, at 61 years of age.
Nationality: N/A
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Mahatma Shanti

        Doctor Shanti (full name Shanti Pushpakumara Jayasekara) born in Sri Lanka, is the organizer of the Research Institution of International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS), having accreditations of the Oxford Educational Network and the International Parliament of Safety and Peace as well.  Besides, he is the President of the Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council (IHAC) and the Higher Attestation Qualification Commission of Russia who has permission to grant/deliver Higher Degrees ( PhD, D.Sc., Grand PhD) and academic ranks (Professor, Full-professor).  Doctor Shanti has also been appointed as Deputy Minister to Deputy Minister of Secretary Politic of Department of European Questions International Parliament for Safety and Peace (Palermo, Italy)( www.internationalparliament.ru ) .

Dr. Shanti Jayasekara is a jewel of a person with a pleasing disposition and affable in manner with sterling qualities.  Indeed the present world needs more of a person of his caliber.  Dr. Shanthi is a person who is fully dedicated to helping others in many ways irrespective of their country, caste, colour or creed and even at personal inconvenience to him.  He is a mentor indeed and he is ever prepared to offer his knowledge and expertise to those who seek his guidance for successful graduation in their respective fields of studies at the IUFS.

As an outstanding spiritual figure of the present time, he was also awarded the most coveted and extremely the highest name – Mahatma (the Person of High Soul – Great Soul).

Previously, the name of Mahatma in the world was known and given only to the great late Mahatma Gandhi in India for his succor, support and service to the nation then.  But now, Dr. Shanti Jayasekara is also known as Mahatma Shanti for he promotes association for peaceful co-existence with various religious doctrines that exist in the world today for the Blessings of all mankind and for their moral perfections.

Dr. Shanti Jayasekara has established "The Areopagus Arts" (Apollon). He is also the Founder and the editor-in-chief of the Scientific Journal called  "Spirit of Time" and has authored over 100 Scientific Publications on different topics

As well, he is an Academician and Professor to several Organizations (International Academy – Information, Communication, Management in Technics ) (Belgium)  and also "The Nature Society (Russia – MAIZU), and others, He is the co-ordinator to the Research Institution of the International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS) Russia  which has accreditations of the Oxford Educational Network and the International Parliament of Safety and Peace.

On a more personal note, Rector Shanti has Doctorate Degrees in Philosophy in Television, Doctor of Science in Satellite Television, and Grand-Doctor of Philosophy in the field of the Satellite Television and Cosmic Security. He has been singled out and has received many prestigious Awards and Honours, some of them being  the "Order of St. Peter", the "Order of the Heart of Danko", the "Tsiolkovsky’s Star", a medal of Honours from the 300 years anniversary of the Russian Fleet. The "Maltese Cross". The "Order of Diplomacy from the Russian Federation". The "A.M. Gorchakov" and a medal of the first cosmonaut of the earth J.A.Gagarin" and many others.

Mahatma Dr. Shanti Jayasekara is a man of the highest integrity who is mainly concerned about the wellbeing of others and therefore, I fully support his visions for a better humanitarian society of peace, knowledge and greater understanding.