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Madou, Jean Baptiste

Born: 1796 AD
Died: 1877 AD
Nationality: Belgian
Categories: Lithographer, Painters

1796 – Born on February 3rd in Brussels, Belgium. Belgian painter and lithographer.

         – He was a pupil of Joseph François at the Académie in Brussels.

1814-1820 – He was a clerk in the Ministry of Finance and a topographical draughtsman in the Ministry of War.

         – His work was then noticed by the publisher Jobard, who employed him as a lithographer of (largely unsigned) maps, book illustrations, vignettes and portraits.

1830-1831 – He began to publish in Brussels and Paris portraits and series of lithographs, like the Outskirts of Brussels, which first drew attention to his name.

1836 – Madou’s reputation was confirmed with the publication of The Physiognomy of Society in Europe from 1400 to the Present Day, lithographs after his own watercolours.

1840 – He began to paint in oils, and the success of his early efforts in this medium resulted in a long series of pictures representing scenes of village and city life, including "The Fiddler", "The Jewel Merchant", "The Police Court", "The Drunkard", "The Ill-regulated Household", and "The Village Politicians".

1842 – In his ‘Life of the Painters of the Flemish and Dutch School’, Madou showed the taste for historical reconstruction that is also to be seen in the paintings he then began to produce, most of which were genre scenes set in the 18th century.

1877 – Died on March 31st in Brussels.