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Macpherson, David Lewis, Sir

Born: 1818 AD
Died: 1896 AD
Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Politician

1818 – Born on September 12th in Castle Leathers, Inverness County, Scotland. Scottish-born politician and railway builder who served as Canadian minister of the interior.

1835 – Macpherson emigrated from Scotland to Montreal, where he amassed a large fortune in shipping.

1853 – He moved to Toronto and obtained a contract to build a railway line in Canada West (now in Ontario) from Toronto to Sarnia (later part of the Grand Trunk Railway from Toronto to Montreal).

1864 – He was elected member of the provincial legislative council for Saugeen.

1867 – When the Dominion of Canada was created, he was nominated to the Senate.

1871 – He vied with Sir Hugh Allan for a charter to build the Canadian Pacific Railway.

1880 – Macpherson was made speaker of the Senate and minister without portfolio in the Conservative Cabinet.

1883-1885 – He served as Canadian minister of the interior.

         – He became minister of the interior, but he retired from that post, charged with incapacity in dealing with the Northwest Rebellion.

         – Macpherson was knighted.

1896 – Died on August 16th while at sea.