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MacKinnon, Roderick

Born: 1956 AD
Currently alive, at 65 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Biochemist, Physicists, Scientist

1956 – Roderick MacKinnon, born on the 19th of February in Burlington, Massachusetts. He is a professor of Molecular Neurobiology and Biophysics at Rockefeller University.

1978 – Received his BS Biochemistry, in Brandeis University.

1982 – Entered medical school at Tufts University. He got his M.D. and received training in Internal Medicine at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.

1986 – He returned to Christopher Miller at Brandeis for postdoctoral studies.

1989 – Appointed assistant professor at Harvard University where he studied the interaction of the potassium channel with a specific toxin derived from scorpion venom, acquainting himself with methods of protein purification and X-ray crystallography.

1996 – Moved to Rockefeller University as a professor and head of the Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology and Biophysics where he started to work on the structure of the potassium channel.

1998 – Despite a barrier to the structural study of integral membrane proteins that had thwarted most attempts for decades, he and colleagues unlocked the three-dimensional molecular structure of a potassium channel from bacteria with X-ray crystallography.

1999 – Shared the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research with Clay Armstrong and Bertil Hille – one of most distinguished honor for outstanding contributions to basic and clinical medical research.

2000 – Elected to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and has received numerous other awards for his research.

       – Given the Rosentiel Award.

2001 – Given the Gairdner Foundation International Award.

2003 – Won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry together with Peter Agre for his work on the structure and operation of ion channels.