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Lyndsay, David, Sir

Born: 1490 AD
Died: 1555 AD
Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Poets

1490 – Born into an aristocratic family. Scottish poet of the pre-Reformation period who satirized the corruption of the Roman Catholic church and contemporary government.

1512 – Lyndsay was appointed attendant and companion to the infant prince, the son of King James IV.

1524 – Dismissed from court, when his charge, then James V, fell under the control of the Douglas faction.

1528 – He returned to the king’s service.

         – The Dreme, Lyndsay’s earliest surviving work in verse, is an allegory of the contemporary condition of Scotland, with a delightfully personal epistle to the king.

1530 – The Testament and Complaynt of Our Soverane Lordis Papyngo, written to celebrate the king’s escape from the Douglases, is a mixture of satire, comedy, and moral instruction in which the king’s dying parrot gives advice to the king and court.

1536 – His An Answer quhilk Schir David Lyndsay maid to the Kingis Flyting is a ribald example of the game of poetic abuse (“flyting”) practiced by Celtic poets.

         – The Complaynt and Publict Confessioun of the Kingis Auld Hound callit Bagsche is a short didactic piece, satirizing court life through the mouth of a dog, a device later revived by Robert Burns.

1540-1552 – Originally entitled “the mysdemeanours of Busshops Religious persones and preists within the Realme”, it was enlarged with coarse comedy and performed at Cupar, Fife, and again on the slopes of the Calton Hill, Edinburgh.

         – Lyndsay’s Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaits is the only surviving complete Scottish morality play.

1555 – Died on April 18th.