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Lowell, James Russell

Born: 1819 AD
Died: 1891 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Critics, Diplomat, Essayists, Poets

1819 – Born n the 22nd of February in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1775 – His great-grandfather, Robert Trail, had returned to Britain on the outbreak of hostilities.

1838 – He graduated from Harvard University, after an undistinguished academic career.

1840 – He became engaged to Maria White in the autumn, and the next twelve years of his life were deeply affected by her influence.

1841 – Lowell published A Year’s Life, which was dedicated to his future wife, and recorded his new emotions with a backward glance at the preceding period of depression and irresolution.

1843 – He published a collection of his poems, and a year later he gathered up certain material which he had printed, edited and added to it, and produced Conversations on Some of the Old Poets.

1845 – He and Maria were married, and spent the winter and early spring in Philadelphia.

1846 – He contributed poems to the daily press, prompted by the slavery question.

1848 – He was a correspondent of the London Daily News, and in the spring, he formed a connection with the National Anti-Slavery Standard of New York, agreeing to contribute weekly either a poem or a prose article.

1853 – He took part in the editing of an American edition of the British Poets, but the state of his wife’s health preoccupied him, and only her death released him from the strain of anxiety, the grief accompanied by a readjustment of his nature and a new intellectual activity.

1855 – He delivered a course of lectures on English poets at the Lowell Institute in Boston in the winter.

1856 – He returned to America in the summer, and began his college duties, retaining his position for twenty years.

1857 – In the autumn, The Atlantic Monthly was established, and Lowell was its first editor.

1861 – He held this position only till the spring, but he continued to make the magazine the vehicle of his poetry and of some prose for the rest of his life;

1865 – He had delivered his Ode Recited at the Harvard Commemoration, and the successive centennial historical anniversaries drew from him a series of stately odes.

1868 – He issued the next collection in Under the Willows and Other Poems.

1877 – Lowell, who had mingled so little in party politics that the sole public office he had held was the nominal one of elector in the Presidential election of 18761880 he was transferred to London as American minister.

1885 – Remained there until the close of President Arthur’s administration in the spring.

1888-1890 – He issued another collection of his poems, Heartsease and Rue, and occupied himself with revising and rearranging his works, which were published in ten volumes.

1891 – Died at Elmwood on the 12th of August.