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Love, Mike

Born: 1941 AD
Currently alive, at 79 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Composers, Singer, Songwriter

1941 – He was a born on the 15th of March this year in Los Angeles, California. He was mainly the lead singer of the Beach Boys. He shared the role with Brian Wilson during the band’s early years.


1961 – He started his career in the band this year; he was the lead singer and shared the role with Brian Wilson in the early years.


1964 – While Brian had withdrawn from touring in late this year, Love and his band mates had to perform Brian’s increasingly complex music on stage.


1968 – With Brian no longer touring with the band, Love initially took the leadership in the band.


1981 – He released a solo album, Looking Back with Love. Consisting mostly of cover versions, this was neither critically nor commercially successful.


1998 – After the death of Carl Wilson, the Beach Boys split up, and Love took over the name, touring with no other original members but with longtime member Bruce Johnston and various musicians formerly of tribute bands.


2003 – He announced plans for a new solo album, consisting partially of rerecorded First Love and Country Love material. This album, which has been announced under the working titles Unleash the Love and Mike Love, Not War.