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Lope Félix de Vega Carpio

Born: 1562 AD
Died: 1635 AD
Nationality: Spanish
Categories: Playwrights, Poets

1562 – Born on the 25th of November in Madrid.

1582-1587 – He took part in the expedition to the Azores and was secretary to the marqués de las Navas.

1588 – In February, he was banished for circulating criminal libels against his mistress, Elena Osorio, whom he has celebrated under the name of Filis.

         – He married her by proxy on the 10th of May, and joined the Invincible Armada, losing his brother in one of the encounters in the Channel.

1595 – He joined the household of the duke of Alva, with whom he remained.

1596 – He lost his wife; he was prosecuted for criminal conversation, became secretary to the marquis de Malpica

1598 – Married a second wife, Juana de Guardo, by whom he had two children.

1613 – She died, shortly after giving birth to the latter.

1614 – He was in the very zenith pf his glory.

1627 – Lope’s fame, too, had travelled abroad: foreigners of distinction passing through Madrid made a point of visiting him; papal legates brought him the compliments of their master, Pope Urban VIII, a Barberini, sent him the diploma of doctor of theology in the Collegium Sapientiae and the cross of the order of St. John of Jerusalem

1635 – His last days were full of sadness; the death of his son Lope, the elopement of his daughter, Antonia Clara, wounded him to the soul. Montalbán tells us that every Friday the poet scourged himself so severely that the walls of his room were sprinkled with his blood. His death, on the 27th of August, was followed by national mourning.