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Lodge, Thomas

Born: 1558 AD
Died: 1625 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Dramatist, Poets

1558 – He was born at West Ham.

1577 – He was educated at Merchant Taylors’ School and Trinity College, Oxford; taking his BA.

1578 – He entered Lincoln’s Inn, where, as in the other Inns of Court, a love of letters and a crop of debts were common.

1587 – He seems to have made a series of attempts at play writing, though most of those attributed to him are mainly conjectural.

1593 – His second historical romance, the Life and Death of William Longbeard, was more successful than the first.

1580 – Lodge had given to the world a volume of poems bearing the title of the chief among them, Scillaes Metamorphosis, Enterlaced with the Unfortunate Love of Glaucus, more briefly known as Glaucus and Scilla.

1606 – He seems to have left England, to escape the persecution then directed against the Catholics; and a letter from him dated 1610 thanks the English ambassador in Paris for enabling him to return in safety.

1616 – He was abroad on urgent private affairs of one kind and another.

1625 – Front this time to his death nothing further concerning him remains to be noted.