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Lloyd George, David

Born: 1863 AD
Died: 1945 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Politician, Prime Ministers

1863 – Born in Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester, England on the 17th of January.

1884-1885 – Lloyd George was admitted after taking Honours in his final law examination and set up his own practice in the back parlour of his uncle’s house .

1887 – He established branch offices in surrounding towns and took his brother William into partnership.

         – On the 24th of January, he married Margaret Owen, the daughter of a well to do local farming family.

1889 – He became an Alderman on the Caernarfon County Council which had been created by the Local Government Act.

1890 – He was narrowly returned Liberal MP for Caernarfon Boroughs on the 13th of April at a by-election caused by the death of the former Conservative member, his margin being 19 votes.

1892 – He and three other Welsh Liberals (David Alfred Thomas, Herbert Lewis and Frank Edwards) refused the whip on the 14th of April but accepted Lord Rosebery’s assurance and rejoined the official Liberals on the 29th of May.

1897 – He merged his growing London practice with that of Arthur Rhyrs Roberts under the title of Lloyd George, Roberts and Co.

1905 – He entered the new Liberal Cabinet of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman as President of the Board of Trade.

1907 – He was to say that he thought Chamberlain’s plan for a federal solution correct in 1886 and still thought so, that he preferred the unauthorised programme to the Whiggish platform of the official Liberal Party and that had Chamberlain proposed solutions to Welsh grievances such as land reform and disestablishment he, together with most Welsh Liberals, would have followed him.

1922 – His government was brought down by the Chanak Crisis during which on the 12th of October  at a meeting called by Austen Chamberlain as the leader of the Conservatives in the House of Commons, the frustrated and underused coalition backbenchers sealed Lloyd George’s fate.

1922 – In June Conservatives were able to show that he had been selling knighthoods and peerages for money.

1923-1926 – He made up his dispute with Asquith, allowing the Liberals to run a united ticket,he succeeded Asquith as Liberal leader.

1930 – He was sent by the British government to try to dissuade Adolf Hitler from his plans of Europe-wide expansion.

1931 – An illness prevented his joining the National Government when it was formed.

1935 – He sought to promote a radical programme of economic reform, called "Lloyd George’s New Deal" after the American New Deal. However the programme did not find favour in the mainstream political parties.

1936 – In August 1936 Lloyd George met Hitler at Berchtesgaden and offered some public comments that were surprisingly favorable to the German dictator.

1944 – In September , he and Frances left Churt for Tw Newydd, a somewhat bleak farming property near his boyhood home in Llanystumdwy.

1945 – He died of cancer shortly afterwards at Tw Newydd, aged 82, without ever taking up his seat in the House of Lords, died on the 26th of March.