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Linnaeus, Carolus

Born: 1707 AD
Died: 1778 AD
Nationality: Swiss
Categories: Naturalists

1707 – born on the farm Råshult, located in Älmhult Municipality on the 23rd of May.

1717 – He was sent to the primary school at the city Växjö.

1724 – He passed to the gymnasium there, but with meager results in the clerical faculty.

1729 – He became convinced of the importance of the stamens and pistils, about which he wrote a short treatise on the sexes of plants.

1730 – Linnaeus began giving lectures in the faculty.

1732 – The Academy of Sciences at Uppsala financed Linnaeus on an expedition to Lappland in northernmost Sweden.

1735 – Linnaeus moved to the Netherlands, where he was to spend the next three years.

1736 – Linnaeus stayed in the Netherlands for 12 months, until he made a journey to London, where he visited Oxford University and met several highly regarded people, such as the physicist Hans Sloane, the botanist Philip Miller and the professor of botany J. J. Dillenius.

1737 – Linnaeus spent a year studying and working on the Heemstede garden of George Clifford, a wealthy Amsterdam banker introduced to him by Herman Boerhaave.

1739 – In September, Linnaeus married Sara Elisabeth Morea and the marriage took place at her family farm Sveden outside Falun.

1741 – He practiced medicine and lectured in Stockholm before being awarded a professorship at Uppsala.

1743-1744 – Linnaeus designed today’s thermometer scale by reversing that invented by Anders Celsius originally 100 was the melting point of ice and 0 water’s boiling point.

1778 – Died on 10th of January in Uppsala, during a ceremony in the Uppsala Cathedral.