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Lincoln, Mary Todd

Born: 1818 AD
Died: 1882 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: First Ladies


1818 – She was born on the 13th day of December this year.


1838 – Nearly 21, she went to Springfield, Illinois, to live with her sister Mrs. Ninian Edwards. Here she met Abraham Lincoln.


1842 – She married Abraham Lincoln.


1860 – Her unwavering faith in her husband won ample justification with his election as President.


1862 – Her son Willie died this year.


1865 – Her husband former President Abraham Lincoln of USA was assassinated.


1871 – Her remaining son Tad died this year.


1882 – She passed away this year at her sister’s home in Springfield–the same house from which she had walked as the bride of Abraham Lincoln, 40 years before.