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Lian Jie Jie Li

Born: 1963 AD
Currently alive, at 57 years of age.
Nationality: Chinese
Categories: Actors, Martial Artist

1963 – Born on the 26th of April in Beijing, China.

1974-1979 – As a young boy, Li was a prodigy in the "wu shu" martial arts discipline. He was one of a group of Chinese children who performed martial arts at the White House for President Richard M. Nixon.

         – Li won the Chinese Wu Shu Youth Championship five times. If his official biography can be believed, he would have been only 16 when he was featured as a fighting priest in the kung fu classic "The Shaolin Temple". That film made him a movie star in the far east.

1980-1990 – He was allowed to migrate to San Francisco.

1991-1994 – His high-kicking chop socky classics as "Legend of the Swordsman" and "Fist of Legend".

         – He migrated to Hong Kong, where he signed with the legendary Asian action studio Golden Harvest, appearing in "Once Upon A Time in China" and its sequels.

         – Married the actress, Qiuyan Huang, and was divorced after 3 years. They had 2 daughters.

1999 – Married Nina Li Chi, an actress from the movie, Inspector Pink Dragon on September 19th. They had a daughter named Jane.

2002-2004 – His best film include the historical think piece "Hero".

         – He appeared in the movie "Cradle to the Grave".

2005-2006 – He starred in the movies, "Unleashed" and "Fearless".