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Lawrence, Thomas Edward

Born: 1888 AD
Died: 1935 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Soldier

1888 – Born in Tremadog, Caernarfonshire, North Wales on the 16th of August.

1905 – Lawrence ran away from home and served for a few weeks as a boy soldier with the Royal Garrison Artillery at St Mawes Castle in Cornwall; he was bought out.

1907 – Lawrence was educated at Jesus College, Oxford. During the summers.

1908 – He toured France by bicycle, collecting photographs, drawings and measurements of castles dating from the crusader period.

1909 – He set out alone on a three-month walking tour of crusader castles in Syria, during which he travelled 1,000 miles on foot.

1910 – He commenced postgraduate research in medieval pottery with a Senior Demy at Magdalen College, Oxford, which he abandoned after he was offered the opportunity to become a practicing archaeologist in the Middle East.

         – In December, he sailed for Beirut, and on arrival went to Jbail, where he studied Arabic.

1911 – Lawrence returned for a brief sojourn to England. By November he was en route to Beirut for a second season at Carchemish, where he was to work with Leonard Woolley.

1914 – In January, Woolley and Lawrence were co-opted by the British military as an archaeological smokescreen for a British military survey of the Negev Desert.

         – From March to May, Lawrence worked again at Carchemish. Following the outbreak of hostilities in August, on the advice of S.F. Newcombe, Lawrence did not immediately enlist in the British Army but held back until October.

1916 – In October, he was sent into the desert to report on the Arab nationalist movements.

1917 – Lawrence arranged a joint action with the Arab irregulars and forces under Auda Abu Tayi against the strategically located port city of Aqaba.

         – He was promoted to major in the same year.

1918 – Lawrence was involved in the capture of Damascus in the final weeks of the war and was promoted to lieutenant colonel.

         – He co-operated with war correspondent Lowell Thomas for a short period.

1921 – He served for much as an advisor to Winston Churchill at the Colonial Office.

1922 – Lawrence attempted to join the Royal Air Force as an airman under the name John Hume Ross.

1923 – He changed his name to T.E. Shaw and joined the Royal Tank Corps.

1925 – He was unhappy there and repeatedly petitioned to rejoin the RAF, which finally admitted him in August.

1926 – His assignment to a remote base in British India.

1935 – He continued serving in the RAF, specialising in high-speed boats and professing happiness, and it was with considerable regret that he left the service at the end of his enlistment in March.

         – Died on the 19th of May.