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La Tour, Maurice Quentin de

Born: 1704 AD
Died: 1788 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Painters

1704 -Born on the 5th of September.

1724-1725 – He then went to Reims, Cambrai and England.

1727 – Returning to Paris to resume his studies.

1737 – La Tour exhibited the first of a splendid series of 150 portraits that formed one of the glories of the Salon for the next 37 years.

1746 – He was received into the Academy.

1751 – He was promoted to councillor.

1750 – La Tour was made portraitist to the king.

1773 – He suffered a nervous breakdown.

         – La Tour retired at the age of 80 to Saint-Quentin.

1788 – Died on the 17th of February in Saint-Quentin.