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Kostyra, Martha Helen

Born: 1941 AD
Currently alive, at 80 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Entrepreneurs

1941 – Born on August 3rd in Jersey City, New Jersey. An American entrepreneur and domestic lifestyle innovator who built a catering business into an international media and home furnishing corporation, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.

1961 – She married a law student, Andrew Stewart while studying at Barnard College on March 23rd.
1963 – She got her Bachelor of Arts degree in European history and architectural history.

1965 – Gave birth to their daughter, Alexis.

1965-1972 – Stewart worked as a stockbroker at a small Wall Street firm until she and her family moved to Westport, Connecticut, and turned their ambitions toward restoring Turkey Hill, a Federal-style farmhouse. With yeoman labour they gardened, restored, and decorated, acquiring the skills and the setting for books and TV shows.

         – One of the first female stockbrokers (at Perlberg, Monness, Williams and Sidel) on Wall Street. She got her license on the 14th of August.

1976 – Launched a catering business with a partner, Norma Collier, Stewart’s talent for innovation and presentation attracted a string of prestigious clients.

1982 – Her first book, "Entertaining" (with Elizabeth Hawes), set the tone for subsequent publications: superb art direction, gorgeous settings, labour-intensive recipes and decorating projects.

1984-1987 – Continued success with such books as "Martha Stewart’s Hors d’Oeurves" and "Weddings".

1990 – Time Publishing Ventures, Inc., teamed with Stewart to publish a monthly magazine, Martha Stewart Living, with Stewart not only as editor in chief but as the featured personality within its pages.

         – She divorced Andrew Stewart.

1991 – She started her magazine, Martha Stewart Living.

1993 – She began a syndicated television show of the same name.

1997 – Bought the magazine from Time Warner Inc., funding the purchase with proceeds from her merchandising arrangement with Kmart, which debuted as the Martha Stewart Everyday line of household furnishings.

1999 – Her business moves took her closer to her ultimate goal of creating a multichannel media and marketing firm. That goal was fully realized when Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with Stewart as chairman and chief executive officer (CEO). She became a billionaire, however briefly, with the public launch of her company.

2001 – Stewart ordered the sale of 4,000 shares of ImClone Systems, a biomedical firm owned by family friend Samuel Waksal on December. The sale of her shares, occurring one day before public information about ImClone caused the stock price to drop, sparked accusations of insider trading.

         – Dated Anthony Hopkins.

2002 – The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that Martha Stewart was under investigation for insider trading.

2003 – Stewart stepped down as CEO of her firm, assuming the title of chief creative officer and appearing to distance herself from daily operations as she focused on defending herself against charges of lying and obstructing justice.

2004 – Convicted of four felony charges on March 5th: conspiracy to obstruct justice, make false statements, and commit perjury; false statements (2 counts); obstruction of justice. Result of investigation into her sale of ImClone stock.

2005 – Released from federal prison on March 4th and on house arrest until August.

2006 – Dated computer programmer Charles Simonyi.

         – She donated $5 million to New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital for a center on healthy aging.