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Kossuth, Lajos

Born: 1802 AD
Died: 1894 AD
Nationality: Hungarian
Categories: Patriot, Politician

1802 – Born in Monok on the 19th of September.

         – Kossuth completed his education at the Piarist college of Sátoraljaújhely and one year in the Calvinist college of Sárospatak and the University of Pest Buda.

1836 – The Diet was dissolved. Kossuth continued to report, covering the debates of the county assemblies.

1837 – He was with Wesselényi and several others, arrested on a charge of high treason.

1841 – He regained full health in January and was appointed editor of Pesti Hírlap, a new Liberal party newspaper.

1844 – Kossuth was dismissed from Pesti Hírlap after a dispute with the proprietor over salary.

1848 – On the 3rd of March, shortly after the news of the revolution in Paris had arrived, in a speech of surpassing power he demanded parliamentary government for Hungary and constitutional government for the rest of Austria.

1849 – He sowed the seeds of both the collapse of Hungary and his own political demise.

1850 – In January, he was removed from Vidin, where he had been kept under house arrest, to Shumla, and thence to Kütahya in Asia Minor.

1851 – In September, he was allowed to leave Turkey on the American frigate USS Mississippi.

         – On the 23rd of October, he landed at Southampton and spent three weeks in Britain, where he was generally feted.

1856 – Kossuth toured Scotland extensively, giving lectures in major cities and small towns alike – contemporaneous reports and further information can be found at the following link.

1867 – He refused to follow the other Hungarian patriots, who, under the lead of Deák, negotiated the Compromise, and the ensuing amnesty.

1894 – Died in Turin on the 20th of March, his body was taken to Budapest, where he was buried amid the mourning of the whole nation, Mór Jókai delivering the funeral oration.