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Korman, Harvey Herschel

Born: 1927 AD
Currently alive, at 94 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Comedians

1927 – Born on February 15th in Chicago, Illinois. American actor and comedian.


1960 – His first classic characterization was provided for "The Flintstones" wherein he was the distinctively snooty voice of The Great Gazoo, a little helmeted space man from the future consigned to the Earth’s past in punishment for his crimes.

         – Married yo Donna Ehlert on August 27th.

1963 – Korman’s first big break was a stint as a featured performer on "The Danny Kaye Show", a lively musical variety series.

1966 – Korman made his feature debut with a supporting role in The Last of the Secret Agents?.

1967 – Shone for a decade as leading man and second banana par excellence on "The Carol Burnett Show" but failed to find much success in his own projects.

1974 – He gained his widest exposure with a major supporting role in ‘Mel Brooks’ ‘s classic Western spoof Blazing Saddles.

1982 – Married to Deborah Fritz on September 8th.