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Kolar, Jiri

Born: 1914 AD
Died: 2002 AD
Nationality: Czech
Categories: Artists, Poets

1914 – He was born on 24th day of September this year in Protivín, Písek, Czech Republic. He came from a poor family of a baker and a seamstress. He got training in cabinet making, where he lost a finger while joining, and then changed trades, sanitation worker, bartender and many others.


1938 – In this year, his first poems were published in a private edition but they are not included in his complete work probably because they are openly erotic, describing oral sex.


1943 – He became a full-time writer while he was living and working in Kladno. As a lot of others he became a Communist but contrary to a lot of others the scales fell from his eyes very quickly and he seceded from the Party in 1945 the same year he had entered.


1948 – He was not allowed to publish after Communists took control in Czechoslovakia in this year.


1949 – He married B la Helclová in this year.


1953 – When police found his Prométheova játra in the property of Václav erný, he was arrested in this year and spent several months in prison.


1957 – He wrote a paraphrase of a classical Chinese warfare tract under the name Mistr Sun o básnickém um ní (Master Sun on Poetic Arts).


1964 – He wrote Náhodný sv dek (Accidental Witness), a selection of his 1940s work, is published, and a 1966 censored selection from his 1950s work bears the name Vršovický Ezop (Vršovice Aesop).


1970 – Cerebral apoplexy stiffened his right arm. He signed Charta 77 and used his scholarship to West Berlin to emigrate.


1980 – Since this year, he lived in Paris. After 1989 he visited his homeland more and more often. He got ill and spent his last years in a Prague hospital.


2002 – He died on the 11th day of August of this year in Prague.