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Kaspar Hauser

Born: 1812 AD
Died: 1833 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Felon, Foundling

1812 – Kaspar Hauser, born on the 30th of April in Nuremberg, Germany. He was a mysterious foundling in 19th century Germany with suspected and theorised ties to the royal house of Baden.

1828 – In May, a teenage boy appeared in the streets of Nuremberg, Germany. He was wearing peasant clothing and could barely talk. The only identifying material carried by the boy was a letter addressed to the captain of the 4th squadron of the 6th cavalry regiment, in which the author asked the captain to take the boy in or hang him, and another piece of paper which appeared to be from his mother to his prior caretaker.

1829 – In October, a hooded man tried to kill him with a large knife but managed only to wound his forehead. Alarmed officials called for a police escort and transferred him to the care of Johann Biberbach and six months later to Baron von Tucher.

1833 – He was lured to Ansbacher Hofgarten with the promise that he would learn something about his ancestry.

       – Died on the 17th of December due to stabbed wound.