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Karras, Alex

Born: 1935 AD
Currently alive, at 85 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Football Player

1935 – He was born on the 15th day of July of this year in Indiana, USA. He is the son of Dr. George Karras, a Greek immigrant who graduated from Chicago and got his medical degree in Canada. There, George Karras met and married a Canadian woman, Alex’s mother. George Karras opened a medical practice in Gary, Indiana.


1948 – His father died when Alex was 13 years old. By that time, Alex Karras had learned to play football in a parking lot near his home, and he blossomed into a four-time Indiana all-state selection at Gary Emerson High School.


1954 – Almost every major college sought to enroll Karras in this year. His older brothers, Lou and Ted, had played at Purdue but later Ted transferred to Indiana.


1957 –He spent the summer of this year with an American track team of Greek descent. He participated in the shot put, throwing a respectable 52 feet. In his senior season, he was the most dominant lineman in the nation, winning the 1957 Outland Trophy. He also placed second in the voting for the Heisman Trophy, the highest finish ever for a tackle. In addition, Karras was a consensus first team All-American in this year.


1958 – He is best known for playing National Football League’s Detroit Lions from this year until 1962, and from 1964 until 1971.


1963 – On the 7th day of January of this year, his ownership in Detroit’s Lindell AC Bar became a source of controversy when league officials urged him to sell his financial interests in the place because of reports of gambling and organized crime influence.


1964 – During his exile, Karras returned to pro wrestling, taking on such memorable characters as Dick the Bruiser, but was then reinstated, along with Hornung, on the 16th day of March of this year by NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle.


1966 – Karras signed a seven-year contract with the Lions on May 20 of this year, with Wilson stating that Karras had used the threat of signing with Miami to garner the large deal with Detroit.


1967 – On the 4th day of June of this year, he once again hinted that he would retire in order to work at a new business venture; but once training camp began, Karras was back with the Lions.


1968 – He figured prominently in the film adaptation of George Plimpton’s sports book Paper Lion, playing him. Three years later, Karras was under consideration for the part of Carlo Rizzi, the duplicitous brother-in-law of the Corleone family, in The Godfather.


1971 – Following his release by the Lions in this year, he began acting on a full-time basis, playing a backwoods boy turned Olympic weightlifter named Hugh Ray Feather in 1973’s the 500-Pound Jerk.


1977 – Karras was elected to the Iowa Sports Hall of Fame in this year.


1980 – His wife Susan Clark gave birth to their daughter Katie tis year.


1991 – He was elected in the College Football Hall of Fame in this year.