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Joule, James Prescott

Born: 1818 AD
Died: 1889 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Physicists

1818 – Born on December 24th in Salford, Manchester, England. English physicist.

1840 – He was enabled to give a quantitative statement of the law according to which heat is produced in a conductor by the passage of an electric current, and in succeeding years he published a series of valuable researches on the agency of electricity in transformations of energy.

1847 – Married to Amelia Grimes on August 18th.

1849 – He presented to the Royal Society a memoir which, together with a history of the subject, contained details of a long series of determinations, the result of which was 772.

1850 – He was a member of the Royal Society.

1852 – Received the Royal Medal.

1860 – A new form of condenser was tested on the small engine employed, and the results it yielded formed the starting-point of a series of investigations which were aided by a special grant from the Royal Society, and were described in an elaborate memoir presented to it on the 13th of December.

1867 – Was a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

1870 – Recipient of the Copley Medal.

1884-1887 – His scientific papers were collected and published by the Physical Society of London: the first volume, which appeared, contained the researches for which he was alone responsible, and the second, those which he carried out in association with other workers.

1889 – Died on October 11th in Sale, England.