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John Bickham

Born: 1951 AD
Currently alive, at 71 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Business Executives, Businessmen

John Bickham was born near Houston, Texas. John Bickham keeps his personal life private, but he has had an illustrious professional life that is still strong today. Now known as one of the most influential executives in the cable industry, he started his career after receiving his undergraduate degree from Texas A&I University.

After college, John went to work for Houston Industries for 13 years. Houston Industries created KBLCOM in 1986, a cable company that partnered with American Television Communications (ATC) to purchase part of Group W Cable. John worked in this partnership for three years as Vice President of Engineering for Paragon Communications.

In 1989, John went to work at KBLCOM full-time as a founding executive and eventually became its Executive Vice President and Chief Officer of Operations. KBLCOM was merged into Time Warner Cable in 1995, and John Bickham was acquired with it. He managed the Houston division, quickly climbing the corporate ladder until moving to the corporate office in 1998 as an Executive Vice President of Time Warner Cable.

John remained with Time Warner Cable until 2004. He then went to work for Cablevision, whose Chief Operating Officer at the time was John’s former colleague, Tom Rutledge. John’s significant role in the development of Cablevision’s popular triple-play offer paved the way for him to become the company’s President of Cable and Communications. John Bickham is credited for unprecedented customer growth and impressive expansion of Cablevision’s video, voice, and internet platforms.

In 2007, John was honored with the cable industry’s Vanguard Award for Cable Operations Management.

John’s colleague, Tom Rutledge, went on to work for Charter Communications. It wasn’t long after when Rutledge invited John to join him at the floundering company. Charter Communications was just emerging from filing bankruptcy in 2009. John saw this as a challenge he couldn’t refuse. In 2012, John accepted the position of Charter’s new COO.

Since John joined the ranks, Charter Communications has become the fastest growing cable company in the nation. Turning bankruptcy into extraordinary success has bolstered John’s career even more. Rutledge credits much of the cable company’s success to John’s leadership, citing his expertise as invaluable.

In 2016, Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks merged under the brand name “Spectrum.”  The three cable industry leaders recognized John Bickham’s value and named him President of their newly formed brand.

John Bickham’s net worth is estimated as upwards of $47.6 million as of January 2019. He owns nearly 14,000 units of Charter Communications stock, currently worth around $21 million. As President and Chief Operating Officer at Charter Communications, he currently has an annual salary of over $4.7 million.

Today, John Bickham maintains the same position as President and Chief Operating Officer of Charter Communications. He has served on the Board of Directors at The Cable Center, an organization that serves and represents the American Cable Industry. He is also recognized as a Cable Hall of Fame Honoree by The Cable Center.