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Joanna la Loca

Born: 1479 AD
Died: 1555 AD
Nationality: Spanish
Categories: Monarch, Princess, Queen

1479 – Joanna born on the 6th of November in Toledo, called Joanna the Mad, Queen regnant of Castile and mother of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, was the second daughter of Ferdinand, king of Aragon, and Isabella, queen of Castile.

1496 – She was married at Lille to the archduke Philip the Handsome, son of the the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I.

1500 – At Ghent in February, she gave birth to future emperor Charles V.

1502 – The cortes of Castile and of Aragon recognized her and her husband as their future sovereigns, the Princess and Prince of Asturias.

1504 – Death of her mother left Joanna Queen of Castile in November.

1506 – She and her husband landed at Coruña and started their trip south for the coronation. Ferdinand, her father, claimed that Joanna was being kept prisoner by Philip and that he was speaking for her, and therefore he should be made co-regent with her. This conflict threatened to lead to civil war.

       – Philip unexpectedly died due to typhus fever in Burgos in September.

1516 – Joanna’s son Charles assumed the regency and was proclaimed co-king.

1520 – 1522 – She was kept prisoner at Tordesillas, however, with the Revolt of the Comuneros she had a chance to resume her sole sovereignty but failed to take it.

1555 – She died on Good Friday on the 12th of April. When Charles succeeded in quelling the uprising, Joanna was locked up for good in a windowless room in the castle of Tordesillas for the rest of her life.