Joan of Arc

Born: 1412 AD
Died: 1431 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Martyr, Patriot, Saint

1412 – Joan of Arc, also known as Jeanne d’Arc, born on the 6th of January, was a national heroine of France and is a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. French saint and national heroine, called the Maid of Orléans; daughter of a farmer of Domrémy on the border of Champagne and Lorraine. 1425 – Began to have visions – "When I was thirteen, I had a voice from God to help me govern myself." The voice was that of St. Michael, who, with St. Catherine and St. Margaret, "told me of the pitiful state of France, and told me that I must go to succor the King of France." 1429 – Succeeded in raising the siege of Orléans, and in June she took other English posts on the Loire and defeated the English at Patay in May.         – Unsuccessfully besieged Paris in September. The following spring she went to relieve Compiègne, but she was captured by the Burgundians and sold to the English, who were eager to destroy her influence by putting her to death. Charles VII made no attempt to secure her freedom. 1431 – Retracted her abjuration, was turned over to the secular court as a relapsed heretic, and was burned at the stake on the 30th of May in Rouen. 1920 – Canonized in 1920. Her career lent itself to numerous legends, and she has been represented in many paintings and statues. In literature and music she appears notably, though not always accurately, in works by many eminent writers and composers.  For more facts try Joan of Arc Facts