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Jenney, William Le Baron

Born: 1832 AD
Died: 1907 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Architects, Designers, Engineers

1832 – William Le Baron Jenney, born on the 25th of September in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. He as an American architect and engineer who became known as the Father of the American skyscraper.

1853 – He first began his formal education at the Lawrence Scientific school at Harvard and transferred to L’École Centrale des Artes et Manufactures in Paris to get an education in engineering and architecture.

1868 – He had formed a successful Chicago architectural firm, Jenny, Schermerhorn and Bogart, and had designed a Swiss Chalet style home with an open floor plan, years before Frank Lloyd Wright worked with the concept.

1872 – He was elected an Associate of the American Institute of Architects.

1884 – He is best known for his commercial buildings. His Home Insurance Building, built in Chicago, was one of the first structures to use a steel skeleton.

1889 – 1891 – He displayed his system in the Second Leiter Building, also built in Chicago.

1907 – He died in Los Angeles, California on the 14th of June.

1931 – The Home Insurance Building, his first steel-frame structure, was demolished.