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Jefferson, Martha

Born: 1748 AD
Died: 1782 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: First Ladies

1748 – She was born on the 16th day of November this year.


1766 – Her first marriage in this year to Bathurst Skelton resulted in one son, John Wayles Skelton.


1771 – Her son, John, died suddenly of a fever on the 10th of June this year, when Patty was already engaged to Jefferson.


1772 – She married the future President on the 1st of January this year at her father’s house, the Forest, in Charles City Co.


1776 – She had suffered a miscarriage and was very ill, thus Jefferson’s desperation to get out of Philadelphia as soon as possible.


1782 – She passed away on the 6th day of September this year before her husband was elected President of the United States.