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Jean-Marie Maurice Schérer

Born: 1920 AD
Currently alive, at 101 years of age.
Nationality: French
Categories: Film Director

1920 – Born on the 4th of April in Nancy, France.

– He is regarded as a key figure in the post-war New Wave cinema and is a former editor of influential French film journal Cahiers du cinéma.

1946 – He published a novel, Elizabeth. The Contes moreaux were originally written in novel form, but turned into films because, as the director stated:

1950 – He was a teacher, journalist and writer before making his first short, and commercial success came seventeen years later.

1957 – Rohmer was the last of the French New Wave directors to become established, working as the editor of the Cahiers du cinéma periodical, while most of his Cahiers colleagues were making their name in international cinema.

1959 – His beginnings as a film director were halting, not completing his first feature, Le signe du lion until, and making little impact with it.