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Janette Ortiz

Born: 1973 AD
Currently alive, at 48 years of age.
Nationality: N/A
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I’m Cuban (mother)/ Peruvian (father), I am a proud mother of 3 awesome boys (Devin 8, Mario 11, Edgar 15) that fill my life with so much joy. 


I graduated in 1991 from Perris High School, Perris CA.  In 1997 I graduated from College in Cosmetology and successfully passed the State Board Exam allowing me to receive my license as a Cosmetologist.  I have happily worked in this field for the past 10 Years.  I consider my profession a hobby, I enjoy helping people feel and look good about themselves.  In the past ten years I have volunteered as a hairstylist for several support and fund raiser foundations; Angels Stadium / 4th of July (spray painting the publics hair red, white and blue/all donations went towards the Cancer Foundation.   Donated my time to Style and place wigs on children with luekemia for a day.  Donated my time to shave family members heads in support of their relatives diagnosed with Cancer.  Donated my time in taking care of my aunts hair, through her last 3 years of life with cancer. 


In 2004 I completed a course in Notary Public, I successfully passed the State Board Exam and Backround Check allowing me to receive my commission and work proudly as a Notary Public for the State of Secretary.  On occassion I donate my services to Senior Citizens for free and if they are unable to leave their home and need a document notarized I will complete the service in their own home for convenience.


In 2005 I completed my required College courses through RET and Anthony’s College in Real Estate and successfully passed the State Board Exam  and Backround Check allowing me to receive my license as a Realtor.  I have been successful in this field and for the past two years have received great satisfaction in guiding and helping others achieve and reach their dreams of becoming a proud homeowner, I believe that this is one of the most important decisions a person can make in their lifetime and I am content with the trust that comes from my clients in this important transaction.  I am proud to say that I work with a great Real Estate Company named Keller Williams Realty, I chose this company because of their Belief System In Action…  Win Win or no deal, Integrity do the right thing, Customers always come first, Commitment in all things, Communication seek first to understand, Creativity ideas before results, Teamwork together everyone acheives more, Trust starts with honesty, Success results through people… this is also my belief in my real estate profession and in my everyday life as a person.  In this company part of my commissions go towards several different charities through the KW Cares Program. 


April 1, 2007 I graduated from Robert Allens Institute.  A training course which involved investing, becoming and thinking more positive, quality time with family and what it’s worth, and most importantly.. donating 10% of what you gain in your business towards charity.  Currently in Real Estate I am focusing on helping people in distress situations with their properties.  One of my goals is to give 10% of my profits or commissions on every deal towards charity, church and my community. 


Today I am currently studying for my Brokers License and will be due to take the State Board Exam and Backround Check around August, September of 2007.  I am very excited to say that one of my highest goals is to own a successful Real Estate Office.  I plan on running an office that is also very involved with the community, schools, and fundraisers.  "The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own." Benjamin Disraeli  



As you can see I have had many goals that I am proud to say I have accomplished and yet I still have so many more to achieve.  I am a single parent and with my children I Lead by Example.  I work and dedicate alot of time toward their studies, In my home 5:00 everyday is study time, 6:00 everyday is dinner time, as a result of this My 15 year old has all A’s and B’s and is prepped for College, his goal is to attend UCLA.  My 11 year old is an Honor Student and is in the Beacons Club (students tutoring club) and has a goal to attend USC.  My 8 year old is the Principals Club and has been recently named the number one student by his Teacher.   My main focus above all are my children and their future, I believe that they are our future and I this is why I have always been a positive role model in their life.  I have currently been asked by Mrs. Montoya (my son’s 3rd grade teacher at Wiliiams Orr Elementary School) to volunteer my time to speak to the parents of her 3rd grade students.  Subject being: "Secret to Getting Your Child to Focus on his/her Success in School". I have accepted this request and am awaiting a date to be set.



I love my life and I am grateful for the people that surround my life. I strongly believe that "If You Can’t Change the People Around You, Then You Need to Change the People Around You".  In my home God definitely plays a Number One role in our lives, I grew up in a Christian School and Church.  Every Sunday is our day in church, I also choose this day as our family day, I believe that quality time with our kids is very important in their upbringing.  My parents are my lead examples in life, they were pastors and reminded me on a daily basis, which I have also passed along to my children and remind them on a daily basis "With God in Our Lives Anything and Everything Is Possible"