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Jaffe, Rona

Born: 1931 AD
Died: 2005 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Columnist, Novelists

1932 – Born in New York, New York on the 12th of June.

1950 – She wrote her first and most known book, The Best of Everything, while working as an associate editor at Fawcett Publications.

1958 – Published it was later made into a movie, starring Joan Crawford.

1960 – She was hired by Helen Gurley Brown to write cultural pieces for Cosmopolitan with a "Sex and the Single Girl" slant.

1981 – She published her controversial novel Mazes and Monsters, which depicted a Dungeons & Dragons-style game that caused disorientation and hallucinations among its players and incited them to violence and attempted suicide.

2004 – Critic Camille Paglia noted in 2004 that the book and popular HBO series Sex and the City had much in common with Jaffe’s novel in that the characters, who have similar lifestyles, are both "very much at the mercy of cads.

2005 – Died on the 30th of December in London from cancer.