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Ivan IV Vasilyevich

Born: 1530 AD
Died: 1584 AD
Nationality: Russian
Categories: Satirists, Tsar/Tzar/Czar

1530 – Ivan was born in Moscow on August 25, 1530.

1533 – Ivan’s father died and he formally came to the throne at the age of three but his mother acted as regent.

1544 – Ivan assumed power with experiences like being neglected and offended by the mighty boyars from the Shuisky and Belsky families.

1547 – At the age of sixteen, he was crowned at the Cathedral of the Dormition on January 16, 1547. He revised the law code, created a standing army, established the Zemsky Sobor, the council of the nobles and confirmed the position of the Church with the Council of the Hundred Chapters. Introduced the local self-management in rural areas populated by the state peasantry. It was during his reign that the first printing press was introduced to Russia.

1552 – Ivan was able to win Kazan Khanate, and annexed its territory.

1556 – Ivan was able to annexed Astrakhan Khanate and destroyed the largest slave market. With his actions, this complicated the migration of aggresive nomadic hordes from Asia to Europe. He had Saint Basil’s Cathedral constructed in Moscow to commemorate the seizure of Kazan.

1584 – Ivan died while playing chess on March 18, 1584. Upon his death, the ravaged kingdom was left to his son Feodor.