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Issam Eid

Born: 1986 AD
Currently alive, at 34 years of age.
Nationality: Lebanese
Categories: Editors

Issam Eid, Lebanese-Canadian was born in Beirut, Lebanon. It was a rainy Saturday under the circumstances of the Lebanese Civil war.  Since his childhood, he was an addict to everything that has four wheels. In 1990, when the Lebanese civil war got harder, his family left the country and went to Cyprus, where the stay was for a couple of months and then immigrated to Canada. They lived in Montreal’s St-Laurent Quennville district.


Issam went to Henri-Beaulieau School for two years and later transferred to Ecole St-Louis Pasteur. The swimming hobby started in Canada when he was learning to swim. Issam was sent to College St-Joseph in Antoura from 1995 till 2002. He participated in the Lebanese Swimming Championship and ranked fourth. He did his high school years in Lycee de Ville Adonis and graduated in 2005. During his 2 years of high school he got into the basket-ball and soccer team and participated in many competitions.


After many attempts to fulfill his passion for cars, his first article was published in September 2005 named “Herbie, the Love Bug”. His first work related trip was to Dubai Motorshow in December 2005. Issam thought of continuing his college degree in Canada but being attached to his own country Lebanon he settled on and went to the American University of Technology in Halat, majoring in Management Information Systems. Time passed by and Issam was appointed as a contributing editor for “ArabWheels” magazine. He, later on began writing in “Telecom Review” magazine. His business trips included many countries he went to such as Bahrain to witness two Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2007 and 2008, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sultanate of Oman, Jordan are the places where he has test drove numerous vehicles covered press conferences. He went also to Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain and USA. He met several Formula 1 drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Felippe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen and interviewed Christian Klien and Timo Glock. Issam met also the famous Egyptian actress Yosra, Lebanese singer and actor Yuri Mrakkadi and the Saudi Arabia singer Wa’ed. He was elected the president of the student council cabinet in AUT for the academic year 2007-2008. He has hosted at his university a safety and entertaining campaign entitled “Automotive Show” to avoid cars accidents in Lebanon, featuring Lebanese Rally Champion Abdo Feghali; it was covered by “Al-Balad” newspapers on the 28th of March 2008. Issam was interviewed for a small career history about his involvement in motoring journalism in “Al-Akhbar” newspaper on the 5th of May 2008. 


Lately in 2009, he got promoted to perform as the Operations Manager to supervise four magazines publications: “Telecom Review, ArabWheels, T2 and Weddings“. In October 2009, “Telecom Review” was the Official Media Sponsor from the Middle-East for the International Telecom Union (ITU) held in Geneva with the collaboration of the United Nations; Eid had the opportunity to meet up with Ban Ki-moon (UN Secretary General) and Hamadoun Touré (ITU Secreatary General). 


Life experience developed in Issam managing and organizing skills which led him to be a charismatic and self confident person. His firm and strong character ended him up to be the center of attention. Although he has a calm personality, he is emotional and energetic. He is someone funny to be with socially and almost everything in his life is changing for the better. His vitality and courage are strong and is enthusiastic to meet challenges and to defeat obstacles. Social events, cultural activities, and entertainment are highly favored. He feels good and can enjoy himself. Patience is one of the main aspects of Issam’s persona. He is capable of forceful, decisive action, and he has the will to carry through on his intentions. His favorite idols are his father and the Lebanese Politician and Ex-President of Republic Bachir El Gemayel.