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Isabel Flores de Oliva

Born: 1586 AD
Died: 1617 AD
Nationality: Peruvian
Categories: Martyr, Religious Icon, Religious Leaders, Saint

1586 – Isabel Flores de Oliva or Saint Rose of Lima was born on the 20th of April at Lima, Peru, of a Spaniard, Gaspar de Flores, and Maria d’Olivia, as one of ten children. She received from baptisim the name of Isabel Flores de Oliva. At three months old Isabella was in her cradle as her mother and several other women were sitting around it there suddenly appeared in the air a beautiful rose; which gently touched the face of the baby and then vanished; and from that day on Maria called her Rose. Despite her family’s attempt to have her marry, Rose took a vow of virginity.

1597 – She began to tell of visions, revelations, visitations and voices as they deplored her penitential practices more than ever. She took the name of Rose at her confirmation.

1606 – She received Holy Communion daily, and was conferred the habit of the third order of Saint Dominic in, at the age of 20. Rose increased the already extreme penances. She helped the sick and hungry around her community. She would bring them to her home and take care of them.

1617 – She died on the 24th of August at the age of 31. As she had requested, her body was burried in the cloister of St. Dominic’s church.

1668 – She was beatified on the 15th of April by Pope Clement IX.

1671 – Canonized on the 2nd of April by Pope Clement X. She is represented wearing a crown of roses.