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Imamura, Shohei

Born: 1926 AD
Died: 2006 AD
Nationality: Japanese
Categories: Film Director

1926 – Born in Tokyo on the 15th of September.

1951 – Upon graduation from Waseda, Imamura began his film career working as an assistant to Yasujiro Ozu at Shochiku Studios on the films Early Summer, The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice.

1954 – Imamura left Shochiku in 1954 for a better salary at Nikkatsu, where he made his first film Stolen Desire.

1961 – His film, Pigs and Battleships, Imamura was able to fully indulge his interests in a wild and energetic story about the U.S. military base at Yokosuka and its relationship with lower elements of Japanese society.

1963 – His first independent feature was a free adaptation of Akiyuki Nozaka’s novel about life on the fringes of Osaka society, Erogotoshi-Tachi.

1965 – He established his own production company, Imamura Productions.

1967 – He next made his first venture into the documentary genre with A Man Vanishes.

1968 – His film The Profound Desire of the Gods is an investigation of the clash between modern and traditional societies on a southern Japanese island.

1975 – Imamura founded the Yokohama Vocational School of Broadcast and Film.

1997 – The Eel.

1998 – Dr. Akagi.

2001 – Warm Water Under a Red Bridge.

2006 – Died on the 30th of May.