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Born: 2667 AD
Died: 2648 AD
Nationality: Egyptian
Categories: Engineers, Physicians

2667 BC – Born in Egypt.

         – He may also have been responsible for the first known use of columns in architecture.

2630 BC – 2611 BC – He designed the Pyramid of Djzosèr at Saqqara in Egypt, during the 3rd Dynasty.

         – He is also possibly the source and creator of the Papyrus Scroll being its oldest known bearer.

1700 BC – Imhotep is credited as being the founder of Egyptian medicine, and as author of the Edwin Smith papyrus, detailing cures, ailments and anatomical observations. The Papyrus was probably, but may go back to texts written around 1000 years earlier.

2648 BC – Imhotep died.