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Ibrahim Pasha

Born: 1789 AD
Died: 1848 AD
Nationality: Egyptian
Categories: General

1789 – Born in the town of Kavala, currently located in the East Macedonia and Thrace periphery of Greece.

1805 – During his father’s struggle to establish himself in Egypt, he, an adolescent of sixteen years of age, was sent as a hostage to the Ottoman capitan pasha.

1813 – When Muhammad Ali went to Arabia to prosecute the war against the Wahhabis, he was left in command of Upper Egypt.

1816 – He succeeded his brother Tusun Pasha in command of the Egyptian forces in Arabia.

1819 – On the 11th of December, he made a triumphal entry into Cairo.

1826 – He easily defeated the Greeks in the open field, and though the siege of Messolonghi proved costly to his own troops and to the Ottoman forces who operated with him, he brought it to a successful termination on 24th of April.

1828 – He remained in the Morea until the capitulation on the 1st of October was forced on him by the intervention of the Western powers.

       – By the terms of the capitulation on the 1st of October, he evacuated the country.

1832 – He took Acre after a severe siege on the 27th of May.

       – Defeated an Ottoman army at Homs on 8th of July defeated another Ottoman army at Beilan on 29th of July, invaded Asia Minor, and finally routed the grand vizier Resid Mehmed Pasha at Konya on 21st of December.

       – He remained as governor in Syria.

1838 – The Porte felt strong enough to renew the struggle, and war broke out once more.

1939 – Won his last victory for his father at Nezib on the 24th of June.

1841 – He was finally compelled to evacuate the country in February.

1846 – He paid a visit to Western Europe, where he was received with some respect and a great deal of curiosity.

1848 – He was appointed Regent in his place. He held his regency from July till the time of his death on the 10th of November.