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Huffington, Arianna

Born: 1950 AD
Currently alive, at 71 years of age.
Nationality: Greek
Categories: Actresses, Columnist, Journalist

1950 – Born on  July 15th in Athens, Greece. Arianna Huffington is columnist with a difficult-to-understand accent.

1972 – Received her M.A. in Economics from Girton College, Cambridge University.

1973-1980 – She wrote "The Female Woman", "After Reason" and "Maria: Beyond the Callas Legend".

1986 – Married to Michael Huffington.

         – She first came to moderate fame in California, as the strong, somewhat domineering wife of millionaire and Republican candidate for Senate Michael Huffington.

1995 – Her conservative newspaper column was syndicated, but with minimal success. Readers and editors were perplexed when, instead of being utterly predictable in her views, Huffington’s columns began inching bit-by-bit to the left. By the turn of the millennium, she had reinvented herself as a liberal columnist.

1998-2002 – She appeared in the films The Siege, Ed TV, Running Mates and John Q.

2003 – Huffington ran for Governor of California, finishing far in the distance behind Arnold Schwarzenegger. She now describes herself as an independent, unaligned with either party.

         – Huffington put together a series of TV and print ads that parodied the White House’s "drug war" ads, which had claimed that smoking pot was supporting terrorism.

2006 – Released her book, "On Being Fearless…in Love, Work and Life".