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Home, Henry

Born: 1696 AD
Died: 1782 AD
Nationality: Scottish
Categories: Jurist, Lawyers

1696 – Henry Home was the son of George Home of Kames.

1712 – Henry Home was tutored at home until his 16th year, first by clergyman John Wingate and later by a Mr. Anderson who taught him Greek, Latin, mathematics, and physics.

         – He was apprenticed to a Writer to the Signet (a high-ranking solicitor).

1723 – He became an advocate, despite not having received any formal education in law.

1728-1741 – Lord Kames was the author of numerous works, including the legal writings Remarkable Decisions of the Court of Session" and "Dictionary of the Decisions of the Court of Session".

1751 – Wrote the philosophical works "Essays on the Principles of Morality and Natural Religion".

1752 – Appointed judge in the Scottish Court of Sessions, as Lord Kames.

1760 – He wrote the "Principles of Equity".

1761 – He wrote "An Introduction to the Art of Thinking" and "Elements of Criticism".

1763 – Appointed as Lord of Justiciary (judge in the criminal court). He helped establish the Royal Society of Scotland, but didn’t live to see it being officially formed.

1774 – Wrote "Sketches of the History of Man".

1782 – He died on December 27th.