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Hofer, Andreas

Born: 1767 AD
Died: 1810 AD
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Soldier

1767 – Born in St. Leonhard in Passeier, South Tyrol on the 22nd of November.

1791 – He was elected into the Tyrolean Landtag.

1809 – In January, he was part of a delegation to Vienna to ask Emperor Francis II of Austria for support for a possible uprising.

         – The Tyrolean rebellion began on the 9th of April.

         – On the 11th of April, Tyrolean militia defeated a Bavarian force in Sterzing which led to the occupation of Innsbruck before noon.

         – On the 29th of May, Hofer received a letter from Emperor Francis in which he promised not to sign any peace treaty that would include giving up Tyrol.

         – Napoleon defeated Austrian troops in the Battle of Wagram on the 6th of July.

         – On the 12th of July, the armistice in Znaim ceded Tyrol to Bavaria again.

         – Hofer’s hopes were dashed again on the 14th of October, when the Treaty of Schönbrunn yet again ceded Tyrol to Bavaria.

         – On the 12th of November, Hofer received false reports of Austrian victories and tried to summon his troops again on the 15th of November.

1810 – Andreas Hofer was executed by a firing squad on the 20th of February. He refused a blindfold and gave money to a corporal in charge, telling him to "shoot straight".