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Born: 1020 AD
Died: 1085 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Popes, Saint

1020? – Born in Soana. Pope Gregory VII was one of the most famous reformers in the history of the Catholic church.

1047 – He became a cleric in minor orders and then later on became a student of Gregory VI, whom Hildebrand stayed with, even in his exile across the Alps, until his death in Cologne.

1073 – A man of modest birth, who became monk of Clugny and Arch-deacon of Rome. Exercised great influence over Leo IX and succeeding popes, until he was himself appointed, to succeed Alexander II.

1073 – He became the next pope after Pope Alexander II and was given the name Gregory VII.

1077 – He was deposed by Henry IV of Germany, whom he afterward excommunicated and compelled to do penance.

1085 – He died on May 25th in Salerno, where he had been taken after his rescue from the castle of St. Angelo by the Normans of Apulia.