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Hicks, William Melvin

Born: 1961 AD
Died: 1994 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Critics, Entertainers, Satirists

1961 – Hicks was born in Valdosta, Georgia on December 16, 1961.

1976 – Bill met Dwight Slade and became best of friends. Both of them are into comedy. He idolized Johnny Carson and the stand-up comedy of Woody Allen. Worried about Bill’s love for comedy that his parents took him to a psychoanalyst. They wanted to perform on live audience but their age was a hindrance.

1978 – The Comedy Workshop opened in Houston, Hicks and his friends convinced the club manager to give them a shot. Their act was an instant success and they became the youngest regular comedians. Hicks’s talent was well received and started enhancing his improvisational skills.

1980 – Upon graduating, he relocated to Los Angeles, California and got a slot to perform at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. Attended Los Angeles Community College for a short time.

1982 – Moved to Houston where he formed the Absolute Creative Entertainment Production Company with Kevin Booth. Worked at the local Houston comedy clubs.

1983 – Hicks was addicted to alcohol and drugs. This influenced his unusual attitude on stage, continued attacking the American dream, Beliefs and Traditional attitudes.

1984 – Despite his addiction, his success increased and he got an appearance on the talkshow "Late Night with David Letterman". He was able to make a good impression on Letterman and ended doing eleven live appearance.

1987 – Appeared on Rodney Dangerfield’s Young Comedians Special and moved to New York City.

1988 – Quitted drugs and alcohol but he went to cigarette smoking as his only vice.

1989 – Released his stand-up comedy video, "Sane Man", to critical acclaim.

1990 – Released his first album, "Dangerous", did an HBO special, "One Night Stand" and had a great act performing at Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival.

1993 – While on his tour in Australia, he started to complain of pains in his side that was in April and in the middle of june, he learned that he had pancreatic cancer. Started his weekly undergo of chemotherapy.

1994 – Hicks’s last performance was at the Caroline’s in New York City on January 6, 1994. He died on February 26, 1994 due to pancreatic cancer. He was at peace when he died.