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Hicks, David

Born: 1975 AD
Died: 0000 AD
Nationality: Australian
Categories: Terrorist

1975 – He was born on the 7th day of August this year in Adelaide, South Australia.


1985 – His parents separated when he was ten years old, his father later remarrying.


1989 – He was expelled from school at age 14.


1992 – He met his wife by common-law Jodie Sparrow this year.


1996 – He and Sparrow had two children before separating this year.


1999 – He traveled to Albania, where he joined the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a paramilitary organization of ethnic Albanians fighting against Serbian forces in the Kosovo War, and served with them for two months.


2000 – He wrote from Kashmir, claiming to have been a guest of Pakistan’s army for two weeks at the front in the "controlled war" with India.


2001 – He was captured by a "Northern Alliance warlord" on or about December 9th of this year, near Kunduz, Afghanistan, and turned over to US Special Forces for $1000 on December 17th of this year.


2002 – His father Terry Hicks has sought since this year to have his son brought to Australia for trial.


2002 – He brought to trial without further delay, and has extended him consular support.


2004 – He has been treated in accordance with international law. U.S. military authorities are investigating the claims in the August 5th of this year affidavit alleging that he had been tortured.


2005 – His trial was initially set for 10th day of January this year. The U.S. Army appointed Major Michael Mori as his defense counsel.


2006 – His legal team lodged documents with the Federal Court of Australia, arguing that the Australian government had breached its protective duty to Hicks as an Australian citizen in custody overseas, and failed to request that Hicks’s incarceration by the U.S. comply with the Geneva Convention, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


2007 – He entered a guilty plea to the charge of providing material support for terrorism March 26th of this year.