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Hershlag, Natalie

Born: 1981 AD
Currently alive, at 39 years of age.
Nationality: Israeli
Categories: Actresses

1981 – Born on June 9th in Jerusalem, Israel. Israeli actress.

1984 – Moved to America at age three, living briefly in Washington D.C. and Connecticut before growing up in Long Island.

1989 – She became a vegetarian at age eight, when she accompanied him to a medical conference and she saw a chicken used as a demonstration of laser surgery.

1992 – Was spotted by an agent in a pizza joint and asked if she would be interested in modeling.

         – She did a Revlon commercial, then announced that what she really wanted was to be an actress.

1994 – She filmed "Léon", better known as "The Professional", starring Gary Oldman and Jean Reno.

1996 – She played Anne Frank on Broadway.

1999 – Graduated from Syosset High School in Sytosset, New York.

2000 – Dated musician, Moby.

2001 – Dated actor, Lukas Haas.

2003 – Received her Bachelor in Science degree in Psychology from Harvard University.

2004 – She played Queen Amidala in the three ‘Star Wars’ prequels, while pursuing a degree in psychology at Harvard

2005 – She was nominated for an Oscar for Mike Nichols’ "Closer".

         – Dated Zach Braff.

2007 – Dated Gael Garcia Bernalu