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Herbert Manfred Marx

Born: 1901 AD
Died: 1979 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Comedians

1901 – Born on the 25th of February in New York, New York.

1925 – He also made a solo appearance in the Adolphe Menjou comedy A Kiss in the Dark, but no known copy of the film exists, and it is not clear if he actually appeared in the finished film.

1927 – On the 12th of April, Zeppo married Marion Benda.

1954 – Get divorce on the 12th of May.

1959 – On the 18th of September, he married Barbara Blakeley, whose son, Bobby Oliver, he adopted and gave his surname.

1972-1973 – He and Blakeley would divorce.

1979 – Died in Palm Springs, California on the 29th of November.