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Helmut Neustädter

Born: 1920 AD
Died: 2004 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Photographers

1920 – Born in Jewish Berlin on the 31st of October.

1932 – He bought his first camera.

1938 – He fled Germany, leaving on a boat for China, which had no Jewish quotas.

1946 – He met his wife, actress June Browne, in Australia when she came to be photographed.

         – She became a photographer as well, under the name Alice Springs. Newton photographed for the leading publications including "Vogue", "Stern", "Jardin des Modes", "Elle", "Queen", and "Playboy," among others.

1948 – He married photographer and actress June Browne, who later changed her name to Alice Springs.

         – He set up a studio in Flinders Lane and worked primarily on fashion photography in the affluent post war years.

1961 – Returned to Europe, where he worked for the French, English and American editions of "Vogue".

         – Newton settled in Paris and began extensive work as a fashion photographer.

1970 – A heart attack slowed his output somewhat but he extended his work and his notoriety/fame greatly increased,

1980 – He also worked in portraiture and more fantastical studies.

2003 – He was extremely fond of his hometown of Berlin.

         – He donated an extensive photo collection to the Preußischer Kulturbesitz foundation.

2004 – Died on the 23rd of January, in an automobile accident in Los Angeles, CA.