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Heisenberg, Werner Karl

Born: 1901 AD
Died: 1976 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Physicists

1901 – Born on the 5th of December.

1925 – He invented matrix mechanics, the first formalization of quantum mechanics.

1927 – His uncertainty principle, developed, states that the simultaneous determination of two paired quantities, for example the position and momentum of a particle, has an unavoidable uncertainty.

1932 – He received the Nobel Prize in physics.

1938 – Nuclear fission was discovered in Germany.

1941 – Heisenberg would report to Bohr that his research efforts had led him to conclude that a usable nuclear weapon was feasible if, in fact, a miscalculation had led him to conclude that it was not feasible.

1942 – On the 4th of June, Heisenberg met with German Minister Albert Speer concerning possible uses of Heisenberg’s nuclear research, and particularly its potential suitability for the development of nuclear weapons.

1976 – Died on the 1st of February.