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Hebb, Donald Olding

Born: 1904 AD
Died: 1985 AD
Nationality: Canadian
Categories: Psychologist

1904 – Born in Chester, Nova Scotia on the 22nd of July.

1925 – He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

1928 – He became a part-time graduate student at McGill University.

1931 – Hebb became bedridden due to tuberculosis in his hip.

1933 – Hebb wrote a booklet titled Scientific Method in Psychology.

1934 – In July, Hebb was accepted to study under Karl Lashley at the University of Chicago.

1936 – He got his PhD from Harvard.

1937 – Hebb married his second wife, Elizabeth Nichols Donovan.

1939 – He was appointed to a teaching position at Queen’s University.

1942 – He moved to Orange Park, Florida to once again work with Karl Lashley who had replaced Yerkes as the Director of the Yerkes Laboratories of Primate Biology at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center.

1947 – He returned to McGill University to become a professor of psychology.

1948 – He was made chairman of the department.

1960 – Hebb was a member of the American Psychological Association  and was its president.

1961 – He won the APA Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award.

1976 – He returned to Dalhousie University as professor emeritus of psychology.

1985 – Died on the 20th of  August, two years after his wife, in Nova Scotia.