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Harrison, George Harold

Born: 1943 AD
Died: 2001 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Guitarist, Musicians, Songwriter

1943 – Harrison was born in Wavertree, Liverpool, England on the 25th of February.

1954-1959 – Attended Liverpool Institute for Boys and left the institute without getting any achievements. He worked as an apprentice electrician in Liverpool.

1956 – He meets Paul McCartney.

1958 – He meets John Lennon through Paul, and joins John and Paul as  The Quarrymen.

1960 – Became the lead and rhythm guitarist for The Beatles.

1963 – He wrote "Don’t Bother Me", his first composed song.

1964-1965 – He appears in their first movie "A Hard Days Night" in 1964, followed by the movie "Help!"

a year later.

1966 – Married Pattie Boyd on the 21st of January

1966 – He writes 3 songs for The Beatles Revolver album (August 5th) the most he has released on any Beatles album, until "The Beatles" AKA The White Album. 

1966 – Met Ravi Shankar in October, Indian classical musician and sitar maestro. Harrison became the first Western popular musician to play a sitar on a pop record.



1967 – George busy with recouping and relaxing from finally ending 3 years of Beatlemania and concerts the year earlier, and then learning and experimenting with Mediatation, he only releases two songs on two Beatles albums, (One song for each album).


1968 – The group found meditation stimulating and, for three months, Feb-April, they traveled to India to study under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The trip turned out badly, and the other Beatles never addressed meditation again. However, George’s interest in everything Indian only increased and, until the day he died, he held Eastern spiritual beliefs. The diverging interests underscored how the Beatles were starting to grow apart. Also, during the visit to India, Harrison wrote, recorded and produced the soundtrack for the film Wonderwall with Indian musicians.



1968 – When the Beatles returned from India, the group began working on the so – called "White Album" (The Beatles), released in late 1968. The album was a two – record set, so Harrison was allowed more contributions than ever before. The Beatles (The White Album), included what many people consider to be Harrison’s greatest song, "While my Guitar Gently Weeps."





1969 – The Beatles next project was a filmed recording session that was eventually released in 1970 on film and record, as Let it Be after the group had broken up. In all, it was a grim enterprise that revealed all the strains and frustrations in the group.

1969 – Produced the single "Hare Krishna Mantra".



1970 – He was 26 years old when The Beatles performed their last recording session.




1971 – Release of double album "All Things Must Pass"

1971 – Went on solo and was the first modern musician to organize a major charity concert.

1973 – Release his album "Living in the Material World".

1974 – Launched a major tour in the United States and released the album Dark Horse.

1976 – He was making his first Dark Horse album "Thirty Three & 1/3" when he suffered hepatitis and could not finish the album. A&M threatened to sue him but Warner Bros. Records bought Harrison’s Dark Horse contract with A&M allowing him to regain his health and finish the album.

1978 – Married Olivia Trinidad Arias on the 2nd of September. They had a son a year later.

1979 – Released his self-titled album George Harrison.

1980 – Wrote his autobiography with the help of former Beatles publicist Derek Taylor.

1985 – Became involve in film production.

1989 – Released the compilation of songs from his album titled

"Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989" with three new songs.

1991 – Went on Japan Tour with Eric Clapton.

1992 – Played three songs in a tribute concert for Bob Dylan.

1994-1996 – Reunited with the surviving members of the former Beatles to do the album The Beatles Anthology.

1999 – Survived a knife attack by an intruder. On the eve of December 30, 1999, the intruder Michael Abram broke into Harrison’s house and stabbed him multiple times but handled the intruder with the help of his wife Olivia until the police.

2001 – Died in a secluded place on 29th of November,  after suffering from lung cancer.

2002 – Harrison’s final album, Brainwashed, was posthumously released to strong reviews

2004 – On March 15, he was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist. He had already been inducted as a member of the Beatles. His work continues to inspire and influence musicians around the globe.