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Harris, James

Born: 1709 AD
Died: 1780 AD
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Linguist

1709 – He was born at Salisbury this year.


1774 – He was Comptroller to the Queen from this year to 1780.


1761 – He became a county magistrate, and was Member of Parliament for Christchurch from this year until his death.


1765 – He held political office under Lord Greenville, retiring with him this year.


1744 – He published Three Treatises–on art; on music, painting, and poetry; and on happiness.


1751 – He also published Philosophical Arrangements and Philosophical Inquiries.


1772 – He is also known as a correspondent of fellow classicist Lord Monboddo.


1780 – He died this year.