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Harding, Warren Gamaliel

Born: 1865 AD
Died: 1923 AD
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Abolitionist, Physicians, Presidents

US Republican politician


member of Ohio senate 1899-1903


lieutenant governor of Ohio 1903-1905


delivered presidential nominating speech for William Howard Taft 1912


Senator from Ohio 1915-1921


delivered keynote address at Republican National Convention 1916


29th president of US 1921-1923


established Bureau of the Budget 1921


pardoned Eugene V. Debs (imprisoned on charges of sedition) 1921


convened Washington Conference for the Limitation of Armament 1921-1922, resulting in naval arms limitations and establishment of Four Power Pact


signed Emergency Tariff Act of 1921 and Fordney-McCumber Tariff Act of 1922


tarnished by scandalous actions of aides and Cabinet members, particularly in Teapot Dome scandal, despite evident lack of personal involvement in any misdeeds